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“The first thing you’ll notice about Andrea von Kampen’s “Let Me Down Easy” is her voice. It’s a yearning voice that soars far above her low, booming guitar. If her belting doesn’t get you, her vocal flips on the chorus of this break-up song will.”

- NPR All Songs Considered


"Andrea von Kampen's soft and incredibly sweet voice pairs well with her acoustic guitar creating a unique folk sound."

- The Daily Nebraskan

"If heaven had a soundtrack, I think it would be Andrea von Kampen’s EP 'Another Day.'"

- Hear Nebraska

“It’s not so much about where you’re going, but that you want to get away. That emotion of “idealistic escapism” is one that listeners can all connect with, whether or not we want to go to Oregon or somewhere else. The inflection in von Kampen’s vocal has the conviction of a gospel track and the sincerity of a Dylan folk ballad.”

- Ear To The Ground Music

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