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This place looks nothing like where I come from 
The trees they turn later, the sky comes undone 
We drove all night through Couer d'Alene, and I woke with the sun 
Onwards to Portland, Oregon (hmmm) 

I just want to leave to say that I did 
Nothing against all the green fields of my childhood 
But I'm drivin' through all the same places that I used to 
I'm gone to Portland, Oregon (hmmm) 


If am lost, I am lost on purpose 

Please God don't find me 
If I am running, I am running away all on my own 
I get lost, I get lost, I get lost 

Nobody cares if the foundation's cracked 
As long as it looks good when somebody asks 
Yet I've got a man who loves me despite what I lack 
We're goin' to Portland, Oregon if anyone asks 


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