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Another day and another place to be

Other people who don’t know much ‘bout me

I am waiting for the church bells to ring but

Right now, can’t look to you for anything.

Maybe one day they’ll know my face and

They’ll see me walk and they’ll look my way



But it don’t mean a thing

No it don’t mean a thing

I’ll convince myself easily


I was told of a story long ago of a man who built his house on sand

When the rains came everything he had it slowly slipped through his hands

I can’t live that way and make those same mistakes

Put myself in things that never stay the same






I’ll pack up my suitcase and leave us alone

The leaves are fading brown now

And I feel nothing at all.




Won’t you send my cold heart

Down to Texas or Mexico

And when spring comes a calling

I will run right back to your arms

Cause your hands don’t have to hold

My cold heart.


There must be something wrong with me

Loving you used to be so easy

Well the seasons change and I wanna feel the same

But it’s winter, and I’m six feet deep in snow.






I hate when he leaves

And the


tears start and I’m all alone

But I love that boy so I’ll wait for him

Till he comes home




There’s a promise in the sunrise

There’s a promise when the sun

Meets the sky




Stars and moon you can call it a night

Lay in your bed let the daytime arrive

He’ll leave me again and my heart will ache

But he always comes back to me like daybreak


The night is so cold and I just need

A hand to hold

I dream of blue skies and never no never

Never saying goodbye






Well he filled the room with sunlight

Like a warmth in the air and I could feel it.


When he left I was still here

Sitting in a cold and unmade bed





We were pages, pages of words

That can never be spoken

Yes we were pages, pages of words

That will never be spoken


When I look back on this day

I know I can say It’s for a reason

When I start to doubt myself

I can trust that a plan will unfold




And now I can see

What I meant to you

And what you meant to me


Yes he filled the room with sunlight

Like a warmth in the air and I could feel it.




I hear the train a comin’

And I smell the smoky air

Someday you’ll be on that train

Travelin’ home soon sitting right there

The letters are nice but they’re not the same

It’s you I want to see

And I know someday I will wake up

And you’ll be next to me



Hold on close I’m not that far

Close your eyes and I’m right there

And I wonder where you are and if

You know you’ll always be, in my prayer.

The train it comes everyday

And I sit here alone

One day you’ll be on train

And finally, you’ll be home



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